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A Few Points of Clarification

chalkboardI thought these things went without saying, but some recent comments and happenings around the site make me think there could be value in spelling them out, so here goes:

1. Good people sometimes make bad music.
I don’t know any of the artists I write about personally, but I get the impression that I’d get along pretty well with the vast majority of them. I don’t doubt that country music is home to some of the most genuine, levelheaded people in show business. But the fact that Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift seem like sweet people doesn’t have much to do with how I view their music. On the other end of the spectrum, I don’t let my suspicion that David Allan Coe isn’t a sweet person keep me from enjoying his music. It’s never personal.

2. ‘Bad music’ is pretty subjective.
Who am I to call music bad? Nobody, really. I don’t have any qualifications other than I listen to quite a bit of music and enjoy trying to articulate why I feel the way I do about various aspects of it. You don’t have to find that interesting, but some people do, hence the continued existence of this site. The only really inappropriate response is getting rude or confrontational – everyone is welcome to counter with their own opinions, but only if they can do so in a way that respects the fact that theirs is not the final or definitive word.

3. ‘Good people’ is also subjective.
Country artists are entertainers, not saints. If I had a bunch of money and teams of people to help me look like a good person, I’m sure I could pull it off too. Stop by some hospitals and soup kitchens, put on a benefit concert for a tornado-ravaged town… those are noble humanitarian efforts, and I don’t doubt the sincerity of anyone’s intentions, but lots of regular people do just as much for less recognition, so let’s be measured in our praise.

4. Fake News is fake.
I thought I titled this series pretty honestly, but apparently some visitors don’t get it. Fake News is fake. Martina McBride isn’t really a raging alcoholic goth with a foul mouth. But wouldn’t it be exciting if she were?

Having stated the obvious, we now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

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  1. Is this going to be on the test?

  2. Wow, this says a lot about the so-called “country music fans” that this article is specifically addressed to. Sad part is I don’t they they would grasp this nor even pay attention long enough to let it seek in. When I refer to today’s Top 40 mainstream country music scene as “AirHead Country”, I’m referring both to the quality of much of the music and the fans that are so enthralled with it. How can so many people be so passionate about mediocrity and offended when its objective weaknesses are pointed out. When crazed fans can’t even tolerate obvious satirical jabs taken at their favorite artists, they have crossed over into the realm of being thin-skinned and non-discerning goofballs. (I’m being kind here.)

    I would make the logical comparison to a similar group of people in the political realm who lack brains and discernment, but won’t get too specific here…(lol)

    PS – You’ve carved out a very special niche here, so don’t let goofballs who don’t “get it” influence this blog.

  3. “Martina McBride isn’t really a raging alcoholic goth with a foul mouth. But wouldn’t it be exciting if she were?”

    XD! So funny. I love all the fake and satire news and such you do on this site. I look forward to the fake news and the quotable quotes. So funny.

    I have a Fake News suggestion how about a Terri Clark one?

  4. “Martina McBride isn’t really a raging alcoholic goth with a foul mouth.”

    You take that back!

  5. CM – I enjoy your writings.

    Just keep in mind that many of the followers of artists like Adam Lambert and Taylor Swift are fairly clueless. Many of them, however, will grow up some day

  6. Some people just don’t get it and never will get it. Mark Twain said, “The human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter”. I’m so over the rabid fans…C.W. – you keep doing your thing. Articulate away!

  7. If you think you know what sort of person a celebrity really, truly is, you’re kidding yourself. For better and for worse.

  8. You’d be surprised how many Hot Topic “Twilight” hoodies Martina owns.

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