A Birthday and a Giveaway

Happy Birthday

Any jerk can start a blog, but it takes a particular kind of jerk to keep one going for two years. I recently became that kind of jerk. Country California began in late April of 2008, and here we are in late April of 2010.

Over the last two years, I’ve become less precious about this blogging thing – less concerned with how I might be perceived, more willing to simply be myself and suffer the consequences. If I lose interest in a particular feature, I’ll stop doing it until interest returns. If I come up with some nutty new idea that could end up being really stupid, I’ll take the chance and see what happens. (Fake News was once just such an idea.) I don’t want this to become a grind, so I’ll ease up the pace, or even put the blog on temporary hiatus, if that’s what needs to happen… because ultimately me staying interested is the best possible thing for the site, and the only thing that will allow it to continue. These are the things I’m thinking about, two years in.

My Gift to Me

Over the next couple weeks, I’m going to free myself of some blogger guilt by banging out some album reviews that have been weighing on my mind over the past months. If the balance of content tips more toward album reviews over that period, now you know why. Rest assured that I’ll be back to my old tricks in no time.

Donating and Advertising

I appreciate anything and everything people do to support the site – reading, commenting, linking, emailing, interacting with us on social networks, whatever. Just keep doing what you’re doing and we’ll be set. But, since I haven’t mentioned it on the blog before, there is a page for those interested in sending a couple bucks as a donation or wanting to advertise on the site. You can find that here.

Fake Jamey / Succinct Album Review Challenge (Giveaway)

Update (5/4/10): The response to this challenge has been… nothing… so I’m going to call it off and put the $10 toward Nashville flood relief, okay?

To celebrate two years, let’s do a giveaway challenge. It’s a giveaway challenge because entering is slightly more involved than usual. Here are your options:

  • Do a Succinct Album Review of any album, new or old. All you need is a Post It, a pen, a CD, and something to take the picture with (like a camera). Make it pithy, humorous, nonsensical, whatever.
  • Make your own Fake Jamey Johnson and take a picture of him doing something.
  • For you overachievers, do a Succinct Album Review featuring your own Fake Jamey Johnson (like so). This option will count as two entries in the random drawing.

Whichever option you choose, email your picture to me (subject line should be something about a giveaway) and you’ll be in to win.

Once the entries are in, I’ll post all the submissions and put the winner to an anonymous vote. The picture with the most votes will get a $10 Amazon gift card, redeemable for any music your heart desires. Another randomly-chosen submission (remember, the third option gets two entries here) will win a mystery CD of my choosing. Everyone else will win the satisfaction of having participated.

If this giveaway proves as unpopular as I suspect it might, the first entry could be the de facto winner! Get your pictures in by May 8 to be considered.

And Finally…

Thanks for the last two years! It would’ve sucked without you.

New posts, by email, whenever we’ve got ’em.


  1. Rick says

    Congratulations on two entertaining years C.M.. The “Fake News”, “Fake Jamey Johnson”, “Quotable Country” and “Country Questionaire” features set this blog apart and make it totally unique and very entertaining. Cosidering how crappy so much of what passes for new country music is these days, its nice to get away from the radio single and album reviews of so much dreck for a little while…


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