3 Reasons You Need to Subscribe to OpryLive on YouTube

All posted within the last month. To see what else they’ve put up, view the whole archive here.

Kellie Pickler – “Stop Cheatin’ on Me” (from 100 Proof, out January 24)

Randy Travis and John Anderson – “Diggin’ Up Bones” (from Anniversary Celebration)

LeAnn Rimes – “Sixteen Tons” (from Lady & Gentlemen)

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  1. ChurchsChicken says

    I like what Kellie Pickler is doing here. So much better than the singles from her first two albums. Also, her image for years was one of a dumb blonde, and I found that obnoxious and annoying, not cute. Women shouldn’t dumb themselves down like that. Anyway, I think Pickler had better find success at radio fast; she probably only has one or two more shots. I’d like to see her get a hit !

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