Quotable Country – 08/26/12 Edition

Click the bullet after each quote to visit the source. We've done things where we thought, 'This is going to sound really different,' but when you boil it down, it's like, 'No, that sounds like us.' You put the six of us together and have us record something, it's going to sound like Diamond Rio when we're done. ● - - Diamond Rio's Gene Johnson. I don't know. I called one of the songwriters and I said, 'Rodney [Clawson], what the heck is drip of honey on the moneymaker?' He goes, 'Heck, … [Read more...]

Bless ‘Em, Blame ‘Em – August 22


BLESS... - Loretta Lynn, for retaining her fire. Asked (by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution) what she'd still like to accomplish in her career, Lynn shot back: "I want to have more hits. Giving up is for quitters! No one says anything anymore [in songs]. They need me out there." Go get 'em, Loretta. - The estimable George Jones, for knowing when to quit. His voice has been in decline for years - it's rare to find a concert review that doesn't mention shortness of breath - so it comes as … [Read more...]

Quotable Country – 08/19/12 Edition

Click the bullet after each quote to visit the source. We’ve got a Muslim president who hates farming, hates the military, hates the U.S. and we hate him! ● - - Hank Jr., perfectly reasonable political commentator. Swift also said fall is when Starbucks gets the pumpkin spice latte that she's excited about. That's usually available come October, but a Starbucks staffer told me there are no guarantees when their seasonal lattes will arrive. ● - - Celebrisleaze expert Alison Bonaguro tries … [Read more...]

Taylor Swift Surprise Face Added to Mount Rushmore

Taylor Swift on Mt. Rushmore

Mount Rushmore is getting a major Swift-centric upgrade, revealed representatives for the National Park Service and Big Machine Records in a joint announcement Monday morning. "Given that the average American can't exactly tell George Washington and Thomas Jefferson apart anyway, we felt that there wouldn't be much lost in replacing one of them with something a little more contemporary," said Park Service spokesperson Jeff Whittaker, confessing that he himself could not say for sure whether … [Read more...]

Quotable Country – 08/12/12 Edition

Click the bullet after each quote to visit the source. You're standing there looking at the man that leaves his clothes on the floor and singing a love song. ● - - Faith Hill on singing duets with husband Tim McGraw. I really like music that’s rough around the edges. I don’t care if there’s a bad note here or there or if a guy’s out of tune. I actually gravitate toward that more than the pretty, perfect, pristine stuff. ● - - Corb Lund, whose new album Cabin Fever comes out on … [Read more...]