Prime Cuts: June 2012

Thirty Miles West

Since Prime Cuts, even at its most timely, never runs until the month after the month covered, getting June in right under the wire of July means that we are officially caught up. And they said it couldn't be done! A whole mess of great new music in this edition, so we'll keep the chatter to a minimum. Here's your Amazon player for song samples while you read: Widgets And, of course, the Spotify-savvy among you can hear all the full tracks - really, every last one is … [Read more...]

Quotable Country – 07/29/12 Edition

Click the bullet after each quote to visit the source. I'm constantly going uphill, always going up, always striving for something. I think that's what makes the music real. Because without the struggle, I'd quite frankly, be full of s***. ● - - Mindy Smith thinks anything that comes too easy might not be worth doing. I feel like we’re losing the fabric of what made America America a little bit. It’s slipping through our hands a little when it comes to the Christianity on which our … [Read more...]

Jesse Dayton Offers One for the Dance Halls


With The 9513 having closed its virtual doors last year, the management has kindly agreed to let me republish some of my better contributions here for posterity. This article was originally published at The 9513 in January 2011. You might know him as the former rockabilly Road King with a standing gig at Austin's Broken Spoke. Or as a Cajun crime lord in the upcoming film The Sinner. Perhaps you've heard his guitar work on albums by Waylon Jennings, Ray Price or The Supersuckers. Over the … [Read more...]

Quotable Country – 07/23/12 Edition

Click the bullet after each quote to visit the source. But some of the songs that are on the radio today that address the story of the soldiers are just so damn "rah-rah-rah." I wanted to be more intimate for the guys because I know them. I get letters from Afghanistan. It's really meaningful to them to a get a letter back with a bumper sticker in it that they can put on their pack. And I always tell them what the weather is, or if I saw a pretty girl at a red light, because that's the stuff … [Read more...]

Eric Church, Outlaw? Not So Much.

Well, this is awkward... Eric Church singing "We Shall Be Free" to a boombox karaoke track in 1994. Per the video description on YouTube, this was an audition for a production of "Guys & Dolls." Church, seen here dressed like Zack Morris, would have been 16 or 17 at the time. Somewhat annoyingly, the guy who posted the video has spliced in clips of his own audition, breaking up the Church performance (0:00-0:55 and again at 2:05-2:30, if you want to skip straight to the goods). … [Read more...]

Prime Cuts: May 2012

chelle rose cover

Lots of worthy stuff to get through this time, so no sense in dilly-dallying. Here are the finest country album tracks released in the month of May. Get those samples rolling and see what we have to say about the songs below. Widgets Since people seemed to appreciate the Spotify option last time, there's an hour-long playlist of the available tracks - all good stuff! - at the end of the post. The Mavericks – "Back in Your Arms Again" from Suited Up and Ready … [Read more...]