Quotable Country – 12/23/12 Edition

Since we customarily take the Sunday between Christmas and New Years off, this abbreviated edition will be the last Quotable Country of 2012. Thanks for sticking with us through another year. Click the bullet after each quote to visit the source. I’m a big Hayes Carll fan, I love his work. His sense of humor is close to Shel Silverstein. I plan on writing with him in the future. ● - - Hayes Carll has a fan in Bobby Bare. Here's the problem, man – and this is a longer conversation about … [Read more...]


This message is scheduled to auto-post at 12:21am on 12/21/12, in the unlikely event that such date and time should prove to exist. Still here? You might as well watch this video of Joe Nichols singing "Revelation," an old Bobby Braddock song recorded by Waylon Jennings in 1972. … [Read more...]

Critics aren’t the problem. Opinions are.

Shania Twain still

In a recent interview with CMT's Craig Shelburne, Shania Twain revealed the last potential hiccup that all the months of preparation and rehearsal for her big return to performing (in her own Las Vegas spectacular, no less) had failed to address. Namely, the critics. I think the only thing that makes me nervous is the critics. The fans are who I’m out there for. I’m there for them, and I feel it. They’re there for the same reason that I’m there. We love music, and we love the … [Read more...]

Quotable Country – 12/17/12 Edition

Click the bullet after each quote to visit the source. I don't understand modern country music. I have some friends in it, and it's obviously doing very well, but I don't know of any songs I could whistle. It seems like there oughta be a standard every 10 years, and I haven't heard one of those in 20 years. There's a lot of good words. But it seems like we've run out of melodies. ● - - Merle Haggard. I can't do anything else! It sounds like I'm rather dull and I probably am, but you have … [Read more...]

A Holly Jolly Christmas Music Roundup

Cowboy Santa woodcraft pattern

There's been a head-spinning array of new Christmas music offerings this year, so here's a quick roundup of some of the more notable releases. An East Nashville Christmas A generous 18-track collection to raise funding and awareness for the National Health Care for the Homeless Council. Feeling like a real community effort, it offers wonderful, affecting performances by a whole range of East Nashville notables, including Chris Scruggs, Kenny Vaughan, BR5-49, and Sam Bush. Details and song … [Read more...]

ACME Official State-of-the-Art Country Music Radio Predictive Song Popularity Quiz


Here's a funny thing sent in by Ken Morton Jr. some time ago. Never could quite get the point scale to work exactly as hoped for all the sample songs I tested... but the fact that I even tried probably means I was taking the joke too seriously. Thanks for the fun read, Ken! Are you a current country radio programmer who has just received a new song and don’t know whether it will be popular with your listeners? Let the ACME Official State-of-the-Art Country Music Radio Predictive Song … [Read more...]