2012 CMT Music Awards, Abridged

Ronnie Dunn not asked to sing, but invited to introduce Luke Bryan’s boom-boom song? Alan Jackson not given a performance slot, but offered the consolation prize of handing Carrie Underwood the Video of the Year award for “Good Girl”? Rascal Flatts performing with Journey? Good grief.

There was plenty to dislike about the 2012 CMT Music Awards, but there were also bits and pieces that made sitting through the rest seem almost worthwhile. For your convenience, here are the 12 minutes of the show that didn’t make me want to perforate my eardrums with a fireplace poker.

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Zac Brown Band, “The Wind”

Hank Williams Jr. & Brad Paisley, “I’m Going to Get Drunk and Play Hank Williams All Night Long”

Willie Nelson, Zac Brown, Darius Rucker, Jamey Johnson & Toby Keith, “Roll Me Up (and Smoke Me When I Die)”

The Pistol Annies, “Takin’ Pills”

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  1. Hoggy from Oz says

    C.M., thanks you for saving me the brain cells and indignity of having to watch the whole of the awards to seek out some decent stuff.

    Also, kudos to Paisley for introducing the steel guitar. I don’t imagine too many people in the crowd had ever met one before.

  2. ChurchsChicken says

    No way I would watch anything CMT, but if Ronnie Dunn and Alan Jackson didn’t sing while Luke Bryan and Carrie and Flatts with Journey did, I have no problem with that. I assume the CMT awards are largely about getting ratings, and Carrie and the Flatts are more popular right now than Dunn and Jackson. As much as I like making fun of CMT, that’s not a decision I can mock.

    BTW, the “boom boom” song, as dumb as it is, may be a step up over a lot of Brooks and Dunn material, e.g., “Beer Thirty,” “Mama Don’t Get Dressed Up For Nothing,” “Rock My World,” “Honky Tonk Stomp.” And surely we could’t expect Ronnie Dunn to be singing one of his solo songs that didn’t chart well on an awards show. Dunn may have a more impressive voice, but I think Luke Bryan’s musical output so far compares quite well to the obnoxious song stylings of Brooks and Dunn.

    • says

      I understand why those choices were made, of course – Luke Bryan, Carrie Underwood, and Rascal Flatts are more bankable names right now, and they were actually nominated – but it’s still kind of a cruel tease to drag out great singers like Dunn and Jackson (whose performances could have improved the show) in non-singing capacities. But I guess you’ve got to make time for Hot Chelle Rae and Journey one way or another.

      • says

        Hot Chelle Rae may not be a country act, but they do have a big country connection – Ryan and Jamie Follesé’s father Keith co-wrote Tim McGraw’s “Something Like That.” Quality of the song aside, it’s a big deal when a song your father wrote was the most played song of any genre for an entire decade.

    • KC says

      Ronnie’s songs may have not charted well, but COST OF LIVING and BLEED RED are two incredible songs! It’s too bad radio conglomerate’s make decisions these days on playlists instead of leaving it to music/program directors at radio who can base airplay on local input. Does radio really need MDs anymore? Try requesting a song at your local radio — they won’t play it because it’s not on their owner’s listing because it may not fit in with the demographics they want to reach — very young audience. It’s all amount the $ now definitely not about music quality. Radio is doing themselves a huge disservice IMHO by only playing a very short list of artists these days ad nauseum. There is so much talent out there why can’t we hear them all not just the top 10 or so… ergh!! Anyway, Dunn has some GREAT songs on his CD, if only radio would play them!

      Yeah B&D had many rocking FUN songs but they had a great mix-up with thought provoking extremely well executed songs e.g. BELIEVE, RED DIRT ROAD, POH, IS, IGBATT, CDC, etc etc etc.

  3. WillieWonkaTHEman says

    I advoided this like the plague. I was the advert for it yesterday afternoon on CMT and knew from that ad alone I wasn’t missing much.

    Your twelve minutes were probly the only worth seeing.

    What is everyone’s factintion with the group Journey? They haven’t had a hit in ages yet they keep creeping back up like Def Leappard does. I greatly dislike both groups. I don’t care for country guys doing rock covers (well the song EVERYONE covers at least )

  4. says

    Lots of beards in that Willie number! And didn’t Paisley come up in the 90s? So he’s a good 15 years at least in the business. What a babyface that guy is blessed with.

    Thanks for the videos. Great performances.

  5. BamaDan says

    I watched the CMT awards for a few of the performances. I’m a big Carrie Underwood fan but I’m not too impressed about the awards she won because Justin Bieber won a CMT award last year. MTV bought CMT and the rest is history, and crap. They used Country singers and other people to promote their crappy reality shows that air on CMT.


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