Uncle Kracker Can’t Wait For Next Chesney Tour

In a recent interview with the Podunk Times, Uncle Kracker could not stop talking about the upcoming Kenny Chesney tour. Kracker, a Kid Rock protege whose real name is Matthew Shafer, skillfully maneuvered every question toward a discussion of the 2009 extravaganza, dubbed the Sun City Carnival Tour. Asked about his friendship with Kid Rock, Kracker replied: "He's just been an inspiration to me, and such an instrumental guy in my career. By the way, did you know that he's also friends with … [Read more...]

Tim McGraw Hurls Tomahawk at Chattering Fan

Tim McGraw was less than two songs into his show at San Jose's HP Pavillion when he spied a woman in the second row chatting idly with a friend. Sensing that the woman's incessant yammering might eventually become a problem, McGraw figured to nip it in the bud early. During an instrumental break in "I Like It, I Love It," he planted himself on the stage directly in front of her seat, stared squarely into her face, and raised his pointed index finger to his lips. The woman, who was just then busy … [Read more...]

On the Spot #3

Here we go again. It's been a month since last time, so you're due for another check-up. Have you been slumming with The Lost Trailers or passing time with Chambers and Nicholson on the respectable side of town? The world's (wildly speculative) assessment of your musical health hinges on the answer to one question: What's the last song you heard? Remember: I'm asking you now, in the moment you first read this, so reply now or forever hold your peace. My last song was "I Think You're … [Read more...]

Rascal Flatts Crowd Unruly at Houston Show

During Rascal Flatts' massive Reliant Stadium show Monday night, the superstar band's fans became extremely raucous, said arena officials. Goaded by vociferous lead singer Gary Levox, the audience of 25,000 began to wave its hands in the air, almost as if without concern. This caused a tremendous stir of humanity, the scent of sweat and "Curious" perfume heavy in the air. Levox next exhorted them to utter "Ho!" at a high volume. It was unclear whether he was referring to the garden utensil or … [Read more...]

Jamey Johnson’s Beard to Record Solo Effort


Following a number of high-profile public appearances and an official endorsement from David Letterman in 2008, Jamey Johnson's beard announced today that it will begin work on a solo debut in coming months. The beard, whose likeness will continue to appear in most of Johnson's publicity photos, cited personal fulfillment as a reason for the new side venture: "I really enjoy my work with Jamey. He's a great guy and has always been really good to me, but there's a part of me that thinks I can do … [Read more...]

Quotable Country – 01/26/09 Edition

Click the bullet after each quote to visit the original source. [Dancing] was more of a pop thing that I felt was the only way to be entertaining. But then, you go back and realize, ‘Wait a minute-I was signed because I'm a singer. Let's just keep it at that.' ● - - Yes, Jessica Simpson, let's just keep it at that. Probably the first good one I wrote was "Wave On Wave." That one, when we got finished, I knew it was going to be something big. ● - - Pat Green says he wrote his first good … [Read more...]

Congress Asks Taylor Swift for a Bailout

In an unprecedented move, Congress has pinned all hope for the future economic health of the United States on one woman, teenage singing sensation Taylor Swift. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid officially requested Swift's aid in a letter sent by courier just this morning: "We don't know exactly how much you're making, but it's more than we've got. And by 'we' I mean the United States government. Please help. Signed, Harry." Swift, who was hairbrush-singing to a Shakira song with friend … [Read more...]