Happy New Year, Everybody

I can't think of better music to ring in 2010 than this medley of "Gettin' By" (Jerry Jeff Walker) and "Enjoy Yourself" (popularized by Guy Lombardo) performed by Todd Snider at a show last year, which comes courtesy of the taper known to the Youtube world as BirminghamSteve. He has a bunch of other good Snider videos up as well, so check out his page if you're into this sort of thing. Which I think you should be. Either way, do enjoy yourself (responsibly) on this New Year's Eve. … [Read more...]

Findings of Our Reader Survey

A few surveys are still trickling in - and we'd still like to read yours if you haven't sent it yet - but, for the most part, it seems like you're done. The response was better than anticipated, so thanks to all who answered the call. Here's a quick summary of our findings: 1. Words that showed up a lot in descriptions of the site: funny informative sarcastic/snarky/dry unique/unusual/quirky/insane/original/clever 2. Quotable Country is the site's most popular feature, followed … [Read more...]

One Year of Fake News


Fake News celebrates its first birthday on Friday, having debuted on January 1, 2009. I had only published one or two of the stories when Trailer hopped aboard, instantly and dramatically improving the series. In the past year, Fake News has put us on The Tennessean and Washington Post websites, and, on more than a couple occasions, in front of the eyes of the featured artists themselves. Now, a hundred articles later, we're set to begin another year. First, though, let's take a quick look … [Read more...]

Live Blogging Country Radio, Part IX

live blogging country radio

Like most God-fearing Americans, I try to be a relatively nice person for the month of December, then go back to being the same old jerk for the whole rest of the year. As the holiday season approaches its end, I figured it'd be best to ease back into my usual snarkiness with some live blogging country radio. 10:47 AM: The doctor prescribed 30 minutes of country radio to help me get over my bad case of holiday cheer. 10:47 AM: Starting off with "Hillbilly Bone" by Blake Shelton and Trace … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas!


I'm headed up to the mountains for an old-time family Christmas - possibly with some Christmas Vacation style escapades along the way - so I just wanted to wish everyone here a great holiday. I hope yours is filled with family, friends, and laughter, and not filled with any experiences more traumatizing than this picture (brought to my attention by commenter Jen from Tenn) of John Rich in full yule regalia. Happy birthday, Jesus. I'll be back with a cider-and-eggnog hangover next … [Read more...]

Quotable Country – 12/22/09 Edition

Click the bullet after each quote to visit the original source. No, sorry. Not just "not quite good," and certainly not "sort of good." This is just plain awful. I mean startlingly bad. This is out-of-the-way, cheap restaurant lounge singer, must-be-a-parody bad. Bad, bad, bad. Like Jacob Marley said to Ebenezer Scrooge: Save yourself. Even if it's free. Just don't go there. You'll thank me. ● - - Amazon customer review of Lee Greenwood's “Joy to the World,” which can be downloaded for free … [Read more...]

Reader Survey 2009


What have we done well in 2009? Where is there still room for improvement? Which regular features should definitely stay? Which ones need to go? Is it time to call a moratorium on Bucky Covington mustache jokes? These and other matters of concern to the future of Country California are up for discussion in our annual reader survey. It shouldn't take but a couple minutes to complete, and your feedback will be greatly appreciated. No personally identifying information will be collected, so go … [Read more...]