2008 CMA Awards Pre-Show Recap

I’ll admit that it might be a little unusual to post a recap before the show has even happened, but I feel like I already have a pretty good idea of how things will go down. If you’re in the Pacific Time Zone, join me here tonight at 8 for the live blog. If you’re somewhere else, Country Universe and The 9513 will both have the scoop for you earlier. Anyway, on with the pre-show recap:

  • In keeping with the theme of his latest album, Male Vocalist winner Brad Paisley gave an all-instrumental acceptance speech. This seemed like a great idea at first, but got kinda boring about halfway through.
  • Carrie Underwood showed a sense of humor and proved that she’s not actually a fembot. The jury’s still out on Kristy Lee Cook, however.
  • When Kenny Chesney won Entertainer of the Year, they cut to a shot of George Strait leaping to his feet and headbutting a nearby usher in mock frustration. This immediately set off a firestorm of internet commentary.
  • Randy Owen looked crabby every time he was shown in the audience.
  • John Rich debuted a heartfelt new tune called “Where Were You (When the Earth Stopped Turning)” written in the week since Obama’s presidential win.
  • The surprise guest was Cleve Francis. You can’t say you weren’t surprised!
  • Taylor Swift’s dramatic performance culminated in an onstage hailstorm and blizzard, after which she stood shivering with mouth agape, apparently frozen in place. She was then rushed off to a hospital, where she remained for the rest of the night. She is expected to make a full recovery.
  • Toby Keith, who again refused to attend the ceremony on principle, was spotted at an Oklahoma bar crying in front of a television set during the broadcast.
  • Julianne Hough and Chuck Wicks looked disgustingly cute sitting together in the audience, which won them more camera time than their careers merit.
  • Someone was booed/applauded for making a political comment.
  • Everyone knew that The Wailers and Kenny Chesney would be performing, but incorrectly assumed they would be together. As it turned out, The Wailers were present to back up Rascal Flatts in a Caribbean rendition of “Bob That Head.”
  • Meanwhile, Chesney dug deep into his back catalog for a smokin’ rendition of the 1997 album cut “Steamy Windows.”
  • Garth Brooks came out of retirement again, but nobody cared.
  • Hank III showed up backstage to demand that his granddaddy be given Entertainer of the Year. Upon being told that this was an unrealistic demand, he threatened to start an internet petition and stormed out of the room cursing.
  • Ultimately, the most interesting thing about the show was the blog coverage of it.

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  1. Anonymous says

    I just figured it out! This blog has no merit as I see that your related to The 9513 people. You people are mean and biased therefore I pay no attention to you anymore.

  2. Kelly says

    The John Rich performance is sadly possible more possible than Chesney breaking out a half decent album cut from before his Island-loving days…

    great post! Anonymous…you suck!

  3. cmw says

    You people are mean and biased therefore I pay no attention to you anymore.

    This sounds like an excellent promotional blurb.

  4. Leeann Ward says

    Wow, if only the show would actually be this awesome!

    I have to remember to never check this site at work, because randomly laughing somewhat uncontrollably out loud is kinda frowned upon there.

    If I haven’t said it yet this week, I love this blog! Your mind is something else.

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