10 Youtube Channels for Country Fans


Did you know that 95% of country fans who visit Youtube never even bother to create an account? Okay, so maybe I just made that statistic up. But one of the great perks of setting up a Youtube account is that you can subscribe to different users and have new videos compiled for you automatically. Load up these ten subscriptions and you’ll seldom be at a loss for fresh country-related programming.

Since I last posted about this a few weeks back, they’ve added live videos of Trisha Yearwood, Cherryholmes, Hal Ketchum, Brad Paisley, Pam Tillis, Dolly Parton, Radney Foster, and others. Seriously, not to be missed.

Is this internet interview show done? With Carrie Smith moving to L.A., I think it recently lost its second host (Ashlie Kolb was the first). Better subscribe just in case it sees a resurrection.

These guys have the cachet to get one-on-one performances from some of the brightest lights on the indie scene and the equipment and know-how to capture it all beautifully. Todd Snider, Sara Watkins, Reckless Kelly, Chris Knight, Jason Eady, Otis Gibbs, The Lovell Sisters…

Has been inactive for a while, but the stuff already up – performances from Stuart’s RFD-TV show – will convince you that any future additions are not to be missed.

I’m contractually obligated to mention this one, but luckily there also happens to be some pretty cool stuff there: exclusive live videos of Rodney Hayden, Drew Kennedy, Randy Kohrs. Oh, and face time with Jim Lauderdale.

Thanks to my buddy “Squinty” Dan Milliken for bringing this to my attention a couple years ago. The faceless, big-voiced, guitar-playing man covers some country material, and brings a country flair to many of his other covers. If his videos were embeddable, one of them would appear here. Possibly this one.

It’s like a GAC or CMT news show, except that it happens to be online. They recently posted a new ZBB song:

Like lots of other youngsters, he took to covering songs on Youtube. Then something strange happened: he started gaining a pretty considerable following. Now he’s been in the studio with producers Jerry Douglas and Kyle Lehnig (Randy Travis) and is planning to release his debut album, It’s All Happening, next week. See, I knew the internet was good for something.

Teenage girl (and self-identified cutie) sings Swift and Underwood songs about as well as Swift and Underwood. If she figures out how to get past imitation, she’ll really have something.

Sam, who runs the Bluegrass & Honky Tonks blog, regularly uploads high-quality clips from bluegrass festivals he’s attended and traditional country shows around his native Texas. Lots of stuff you won’t find anywhere else.

Any favorite channels not on this list? Recommend ’em! (Note: I intentionally chose variety channels over artist-specific channels because I figured everyone would have different favorites.)

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  1. Mike K says

    “64 percent of all the world’s statistics are made up right there on the spot”

    I knew Todd Snider was onto something. Thanks for the post CM, I especially enjoyed the jamesdupremusic video. Glad to see real talent using the interwebs to get ahead.

  2. Vicki says

    As good as Swift and Underwood?? C’mon no way near Underwood especially with some of those out of tune notes..oh wait…she is better than Swift though.


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