10 Proofs That Chris Stapleton Is a Superhero


As noted in the latest edition of Quotable Country, hit songwriter Chris Stapleton is kicking off a solo career as a Universal Music artist. Beyond his available albums with The Steeldrivers (The Steeldrivers and Reckless) and The Jompson Brothers, here are 10 YouTube videos to get you up to speed on why this is an exciting development for fans of good, soulful country music.

“What Are You Listening To” (first single)

“Sometimes I Cry” (on upcoming album?)

“The Right Ones” (on upcoming album?)

“Come Back Song” (hit for Darius Rucker)

“Your Man” (hit for Josh Turner)

“Never Wanted Nothing More” (hit for Kenny Chesney)

“Love’s Gonna Make It Alright” (hit for George Strait)

“Whiskey and You” (album cut for Tim McGraw, Julie Roberts)

“Amanda” (Don Williams/Waylon Jennings cover)

“The Thrill Is Gone” (Roy Hawkins/B.B. King cover)

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  1. KC says

    Sounds promising. I didn’t realize he wrote “Whiskey and You.” That’s one of the only Tim McGraw songs I own. Digital downloads definitely need to start incorporating liner notes.

  2. AndyTheDrifter says

    This guy has a killer voice, and is a talented songwriter to boot. I greatly enjoy the two Steeldrivers album and anxiously anticipate Chris’ solo record. Thanks for these excellent clips.

  3. Sam says

    This makes me so happy. I love the two Steeldrivers albums he sang on. I can’t wait to see what he does next!


  1. […] My goal is just to record the best music and make it available. As far as being homogenized, music always goes in cycles. Even if something were to drastically change, and something else became fashionable, eventually everything else would try to sound like that. It all goes like that. My goal is to be on the front end of something, instead of chasing something. There is more chance for artistry when you’re pushing yourself, making yourself uncomfortable and doing something that someone else is not necessarily doing. ● — Chris Stapleton, whose solo debut Traveller finally has a release date: May 5. This might be an appropriate time to revisit our 10 Proofs That Chris Stapleton Is a Superhero. […]

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