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Backtrack: Larry Cordle, “Sometimes a Man Takes a Drink”

In another The 9513 rewind, we heartily recommend Larry Cordle’s “Sometimes a Man Takes a Drink.”

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larry cordle

Backtrack: Larry Cordle, “Sometimes a Man Takes a Drink”

This review was originally published at The 9513 in February 2011. Songwriters: Larry Cordle and Amanda Martin As a cut on Trace Adkins' well-received X in 2008, "Sometimes a Man Takes a Drink" sounded like a brawny, neotraditional album highlight. In the hands of songwriter Larry Cordle, it sounds like a certifiable country-bluegrass classic - the rare modern composition that would have been right at home on an album by George Jones or the Louvin Brothers half a century ago. In a word, it … [Read More...]

Bradley Gaskin

Backtrack: Bradley Gaskin, “Mr. Bartender”

Originally published at The 9513 in March 2011. Gaskin's only release to date is the digital Bradley Gaskin EP featuring this and three other songs. He was dropped by his label in 2012. Here's the backstory as I imagine it. Sensing radio's inborn prejudice against gray hair, Travis Tritt hires some kid from Alabama to be the face of his new music in a homegrown Milli Vanilli-style stunt. The details of this arrangement aren't revealed until several months (or years!) later, by which time … [Read More...]

Gerry House (Small)

Five Questions with Gerry House

One of the best-loved and most acclaimed radio personalities in country music history, Gerry House held court on Nashville's WSIX-FM for 25 years with his Gerry House and the House Foundation morning show. He also found success as a songwriter in that time, with major hits such as "Little Rock" (Reba McEntire), "The Big One" (George Strait), and "The River and the Highway" (Pam Tillis). As if that weren't enough, House has also brought his distinctive comic sensibilities to television, … [Read More...]